Traditional chemical decapsulation machines and laser decapsulation machines have been used in the market for many years, with important characteristics of low cost and fast decapsulation. However, with increasingly diverse and complex packaging forms such as wire bonding with copper, aluminum, silver, etc., laser decapsulation machines and subsequent chemical decapsulation machines or manual acid droppers may not be able to decapsulate certain products or may cause damage. Especially, strong acid poses a safety threat to personnel. It is recommended to use the plasma decapsulation machine launched by ICDECAP LIMITED as a higher-level decapsulation solution, which can integrate high efficiency, safety, and non-damage together.

Its advantages are demonstrated in:

  1. No need to use strong acids or other chemical reagents throughout the process, protecting personnel safety.
  2. No need for toxic gases such as CF4, ensuring personnel safety and preventing corrosion of the passivation layer.
  3. Fully considering the decapsulation of various packaging forms, achieving parameter preservation and enhancing decapsulation consistency.
  4. Fully automated control throughout the process, enabling multiple chips to be decapsulated at once and shortening the decapsulation time.


Introduction of ICDECAP LIMITED: Icdecap Limited is a Hong Kong-based technology company dedicated to providing high-quality chip decapsulation tools. Its main personnel has had backgrounds in chemical, laser, and plasma technology for more than 10 years. The company’s business includes the development, production, and sales of decapsulation equipment and technology.